The addaJet Transfers edition is a powerful tool that allows clients not only to update their marketing information for all of their vehicles, but it also helps the latter in managing their transfers as a whole. Through the Transfers edition, one has the possibility of not only creating pre-defined routes, but also to create and manage both zones and points, thus creating endless options through which transfers can be offered.


Extensive Routes Creation

Through the system, the owner has the possibility of creating extensive routes and unlimited pick-up points from where their clients can choose from, giving endless opportunities to everyone involved.

Special Offers Capability

The Transfers edition has a Special Offers marketing through which the owner can offer various special offers to their clients: from discounts to last minute offers. Through such tools the owner will not only offer added value to their customers, but it is also a good tool for repeat business.

Integrated Marketing Tools

Would you like to have the possibility to create marketing campaigns through your own website? With the addaJet Transfers edition, this is now possible, as through the Marketing module one is able to make use of various tool such as promo codes, vouchers and also the creation of resellers.

Booking Confirmations Branded Emails

For any products purchased through the addaJet booking engine, the customer will receive email confirmations with a summary of all the items bought. The emails can be branded according to the hotels branding, thus personalising the email to the accommodation.

Web Analytics Integration

Through the extranet the hotelier will have access to detailed web analytics linked to their hotel - from the number of successful searches to the total revenue per accommodation. These statistics are an important tool to the hotelier as they can guide the latter in any marketing campaign they would like to schedule.

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