Did you just create a state-of-the-art website for your clients, but the amount of bookings that you are receiving through it is not the desired amount? Did you invest in a costly marketing campaign, but the end results did not match your targets? Then let addTraffic help you out!

addTraffic is our online advertising and marketing programme, which aims not only to help our clients in marketing their product, but it also strives build quality traffic to ultimately increase the conversion rate from lookers into bookers. On the other hand one may ask - what is exactly addTraffic?

What is addTraffic?

Through a series of meetings with our clients, the addaJet team will not only identify the weaknesses of any current campaigns that the client might have, but they will also create a detailed plan for future marketing endeavours.

addTraffic will not only maximise your website exposure through our online advertising programme, it will also plan and manage your online pay per click campaigns, including keyword research and competition analysis. Ultimately the addaJet team will monitor the entire website's traffic through reports to ensure that maximum profitability is being achieved.

Interested in benefitting from addTraffic? Contact our addaJet team!