Jelena Stirna - Sales and Marketing Director; Dmitrijs Mihejevs - Senior Sales Manager - Wellton Hotel Group, Riga, Latvia
We are using addaJet booking engine since May 2013 and it works just fine for us! The number of sales looks rising. Especially willing to highlight the widest range of options and features of the booking engine – there are plenty scenarios possible for sales and marketing activities. What was very important for us – we have managed to integrate the booking engine to our channel manager, what saves us a lot of time now. The support is extremely professional and highly effective. All our requests and technical queries were resolved almost in a real time - right away! Looking forward for further increasing of sales numbers and we will definitely connect more of our hotels to it!
Stefan Fenech - Paradise Bay Resort Hotel Director
“We implemented addaJet in late 2010 to increase our direct business. addaJet’s focus on e-marketing opportunities for our hotel through a win-win model produced impressive results. The actual figures for our hotel went over budget in 2011 and has more than doubled in 2012.”
Layla El Sayed - Xperience Hospitality Management
"addaJet technology has helped Xperience Egypt to be the pioneer in the local market with the facility of online booking of accommodation and air flights at one click!"
Deema Sartawi - Director of Marketing & Communications at Dubai Cosmopolitan Hotel
In such competitive and dynamic market having partners such as addaJet allow us to expand rapidly, support and respond to our customers’ needs effectively. Working with the team was a great experience, they are passionate about the project they are working on. This gives their partners lots of trust & confidence in the way they approach each challenge & the way they propose solutions and options. They are extremely dedicated, always welcome comments & very keen on further improving ideas.
Martin Farrugia Randon - Ramla Bay Resort Sales & Marketing Manager
“We switched to addaJet in April’11 and have experienced steady increases in room nights, in ADR and surpassing our expectations when compared to major OTA’s. addaJet support: A+, prompt and professional.”